Welcome to HTBM!

Hey hey everyone! The new comic is officially up! Here There Be Monsters is a companion series to CTV, and the fabulous art is by our good friend Sarah "Neila" Elkins! I am handling the colors, and the writing.

I've been looking forward to expanding upon the CTV universe for a long time now, there's just so much story that I've had in the background waiting, without the means and time to tell it due to the glacial pace at which I produce art these days. But now we are here! Where? Where the monsters are of course! HTBM is going to try and run concurrent with Revamped, and in the same fashion we are telling the stories that were merely alluded to in my first round of comics. There will be familiar faces and some not so familiar. And some of the questions that have been asked in CTV juuuust might find their answers here...

We hope you enjoy this new work, be sure to let Neila know we appreciate her hard work drawing and inking this for us!


*edit* I forgot to mention, your member login for the CTV site will work here too!



Adding it to BelfryComics.net



Just noticed that HTBM.us still has the default Drupal site icon.

Amy of Darkness

Thanks very much for adding it to BelfryComics! And also for letting us know about the icon,that was something I hadn't thought about!

We don't have a set update schedule right now, but we try to update at least twice a week.


Lol is there an update schedule for HTBM now? Cause right now I'm kinda just checking back whenever, hoping for a new page.... XD

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