Heads up: Spambots ahoy!

Just so you are all aware! There's a glut of spam accounts being made on here and I'm doing a mass cancellation of accounts, if any legit accounts get deleted in the process it's nothing personal (I would never block anyone without a good reason!) you can always comment without an account to tell me that I made a mistake! I'm deleting accounts that follow certain trends (like having a  name with some gibberish, like "MichealFup" or "AnnieLot")  or a sign-up date in correlation with known spambots. Also, accounts with random words put together like a captcha raise a flag. A name like bluekitty makes sense, something like lastwedding and skeletalfinance (actual examples) especially when there's a whole bunch made in short order, got the axe.

If anyone gets caught up in the clean-up i apologize in advance!

The spambots are replying to comments, just ignore them and I'll delete them the moment I spot them. They have assured I will NEVER buy from the companies that they are plugging! (as if I'd buy designer bags or shoes anyway, especially from some spammer, what the heck is this crap!!)

It would REALLY help me out if you all could add avatars, since the bots don't tend to have avatars. If you don't have an avatar ready, filling out your signature with something to let me know you're a human, even if it doesn't display (at this phase since we are still entering phase 2 ) would help me out. I'm also deleting things that say "signature/Value" in broken html in their signature area, where they tried to copy/paste a link and it didn't work. I realize that actual people making accounts would not leave it like that.


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Boo spambots! (Also, testing to see if I'm still in the system.)

Going where Angels fear to tread...

Amy of Darkness

You are! I know you have been commenting since DD and I follow you on tumblr, so you're in the safe zone. :D

It's mostly new accounts I'm examining, and the kinda sad truth is not many people are making accounts here and those that did haven't been back in months, so when there's like 50 new people they're all bots. The members list was at least 6 pages, it was reduced to 3 including at least a handful of "maybe legit, maybe not, wait and see" accounts after the purge. I only started bothering to cancel them (and I have to do that every day, but hopefully soon we'll update security but I'm holding everything up with my slowness auuugh) because they started replying to other comments with gigantic spam-dumps, and I will not tolerate a bot harrassing my readers!

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"You are! I know you have been commenting since DD and I follow you on tumblr(...)"

Really? You might want to be careful, I don't always know where I'm going and might get us both lost. ;-)

(I'm not even sure *why* anyone follows me. I don't actually blog there and half the stuff I write is just my own Not So Humble Opinion, while the rest is bad puns and other brain droppings. Still, it's nice to know that someone -- especially someone who makes such an awesome webcomic -- likes it. Thanks!)

Going where Angels fear to tread...

Amy of Darkness

Hehe you post more than I do at least! :D

I followed you because of your reply on the Revamped update "Mighty Hunter Nimrod", I really appreciated you sharing that bit of info with me!  And puns are the best, if there's puns I'm there. And foxes. Plus, I like your snarkastic observations on the stuff you reblog. :D



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