An update schedule?!!

It's been like 3 years since I made a newspost so *coughs from all the dust* well it's not like the spam problem isn't still completely relevant! But here's better news, Wednesday is the update schedule for HTBM until I run out of pages! And speaking of that, we may be on the search for a new artist soon. Our dear and wonderful friend who provided such fantastic art for us until a very painful condition put her arm out of commission for a good while has had some fabulous opportunities come up! We are immensely proud of you Neila! She's one of the hardest working talents out there, and we wish her the best of luck!
We realize that sometimes artists have to part ways from collaborative projects, and though it can be a sad occasion we're just super happy that things are on a upward swing for our friend.

I'll be finishing the inks on the remaining pencils we have from Neila, so be ready for the inks to probably look less good, haha! That won't be until 53-60, her pencil work is incredible though so I'll try my best to match it! After that, we might work on the chapters a little differently... whether I have to take over art in some capacity or we can set aside enough funds to hire an artist is to be seen! Regarding the ongoing plot, we'll be looking for someone who can draw at least close to what we have up so far so it's not a jarring change transitioning to another art style too dramatically. It'll be the hardest part, because there's lots of art styles I love to death but they wouldn't be a good fit for this comic! However, with us considering changing how chapters progress there may be a little wiggle room for that...



Can we get a status update? I checked Tumblr but there didn't seem to be one there either.

Amy of Darkness

Sorry about that! I'm scrambling on a bunch of things, but HTBM will have some more stuff coming out eventually! I'll make an official announcement on some things once I get them a little more in order. Just built back up a ReVamped buffer so that should free up a little time for something over here...

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