An update schedule?!!

Posted on: 02/22/2017

It's been like 3 years since I made a newspost so *coughs from all the dust* well it's not like the spam problem isn't still completely relevant! But here's better news, Wednesday is the update schedule for HTBM until I run out of pages! And speaking of that, we may be on the search for a new artist soon. Our dear and wonderful friend who provided such fantastic art for us until a very painful condition put her arm out of commission for a good while has had some fabulous opportunities come up! We are immensely proud of you Neila!

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Heads up: Spambots ahoy!

Posted on: 03/23/2014

Just so you are all aware! There's a glut of spam accounts being made on here and I'm doing a mass cancellation of accounts, if any legit accounts get deleted in the process it's nothing personal (I would never block anyone without a good reason!) you can always comment without an account to tell me that I made a mistake! I'm deleting accounts that follow certain trends (like having a  name with some gibberish, like "MichealFup" or "AnnieLot")  or a sign-up date in correlation with known spambots. Also, accounts with random words put together like a captcha raise a flag.

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Welcome to HTBM!

Posted on: 11/09/2013

Hey hey everyone! The new comic is officially up! Here There Be Monsters is a companion series to CTV, and the fabulous art is by our good friend Sarah "Neila" Elkins! I am handling the colors, and the writing.

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