Amy of Darkness

Page #52: Hot Head Luke

Cyrus says: "Drugs destroy dreams!"
Lucas doesn't want anyone thinking someone is cooler than his brother. He sees Vic as a rival, drawing attention away from Cyrus... and therefor from him. Cyrus doesn't care about all that, he just wants his brother to clean up his act before he gets into trouble. Cyrus would love it if his brother would make an actual friend a bit closer to his age like Victor, but Vic is not patient like Cyrus and prone to being incredibly cocky about what he can do that Lucas can't. This is the first time Vic "screwed up" on a hunt, so Luke is seizing on the opportunity to talk trash. How did they know an ursipede was involved in Vic's hospital stay? Bert's suggestion of course, there was a dead body to corroborate the story, it was easy enough to explain something that big could have reached out and poked Vic in the eye while he fought it. Getting injured by something bigger than a bear is no amateur mistake as Lucas seems to imply, but he's only seen the dog-sized juvenile ones. As I said on Patreon, this is one of the class of creature that isn't a curse-carrying variety like RatBeasts, Werewolves or Vampires. It's an aggressive bear-level hazard, tough to take down and dangerous if it's hanging around too close to where people live, and dealt with accordingly.