Amy of Darkness

Page #47: Old Marlowe

John Marlowe everyone! It's a funny coincidence that this page is going up right as ReVamped is getting into detail about Vic and his family... Neila sent me the finished inks for this in 2014 so this should have been posted ages ago, but with her arm injury and uncertainty for the future of HTBM up in the air as you may recall updates really slowed down over here for a long period of time. The future is still uncertain, but we're trying to figure out something to keep the series going strong! Pages 53 through 60 will look different as I'm going to be inking Neila's pencil work, for example. There may be an art shift after that as we'll be looking for a new artist.

But it's nice this is going up at the same time as young Vic in the hospital over in ReVamped because it puts a lot of what is being said over there in a clearer context, doesn't it? :)