Amy of Darkness

Page #43: Roll With It

Neila did a fantastic job on this overhead view, I love it!

As if his assumption that she was a "slut" wasn't exactly why he was hitting on her. It's like it's a thing that was a positive to him until it was clear she's not interested in him! Hmmm! Way to keep it classy. If your first reaction to rejection is to dehumanize the other party, then they were right to reject you. Feelings like that don't come out of nowhere. Also, Leroy, try hitting on girls your age maybe? She just doesn't want to party with you!
Anyway, heavy stuff aside and avoiding getting into a long rant, let's introduce a few of our biker-hunters! Up by the garage in his motocross gear, it's Frank! And decked out in camo below is Hugh; Kelly, our lone merc in the group, talking to Jerry. And we've already met Lucas of course.