Amy of Darkness

Page #41: Peeping Tom

I was sitting on this page hoping to build a buffer back up, but I've been dedicating about 80% of my waking hours trying to finish the first ReVamped chapter for important reasons and thus things have fallen back on this end and on the ongoing CTV stuff, though I've got some HTBM farther along in the flatted stages than the mere thumbnails of CTV pages so it shouldn't be too long hopefully before the next update over here. No doubt this wouldn't be taking so long if I could at least work comfortably... I busted up my ankle a month ago and it still really hurts. It's slowly, slowly, slowly feeling less painful. But there's just not any way that I've found yet that I can sit for long stretches of time without it suddenly throbbing or burning with pain and having to be moved... ugh. Same with when I'm trying to sleep. And I can walk on it fine without issue! It doesn't even hurt to walk on!