Amy of Darkness

Page #33: Bad Reputation

We're BAAAAACK! Well, what I have left of the comic to color and text is, at least! The future is uncertain for this here comic, but I have at least up to page 50-something to work with until the comic sort of stops due to some serious pain our friend and illustrator Neila was dealing with in her arm! And unfortunately our financial situation is such that we can't afford to pay an artist like Neila what she deserves for her fantastic work, so if the story does continue from where it will leave off, I'll likely have to do the lineart myself if there's significant interest in the story continuing. I did treat myself to coloring 2 of the pages I'm most looking forward to, but they are a ways off and I've just got a lot of flat-color pages to finish off before we get to that point!

But I got a BUFFFER, 3 whole pages after this are done already! Amazing!