Amy of Darkness

Page #29: Can't Fight City Hall

I have been really enjoying the discussions and conjecture on what our resident mystery corgi friend might be, sorry if I'm staying quiet on that! All I can say is, what she is, is both a thing and not a thing. The thing that she is, we have seen an example of over in the sister comic. The thing that makes her different, well we haven't explored that quite yet! All else I can say is many of you are spot-on about the first one. I won't deny she is of the fae nature :D

I've actually pulled ahead on this comic again through marathon coloring, so expect this to update a little faster for a few weeks!

And a refresher since this comic HAS been updating so slow: Blaine is coming out of the hospital that Vic was checked into.

Also noted! the Lokia thing is totally Neila's joke, I can't take credit for that! :D